Welcome and Hello, I am
Sergej Strajnak, PhD.,

Test Automation Engineer in IT company
iOS Engineer
Certified Associate in Software Testing (Expires 30.07.2024)
Certified DevOps Architect™
Scrum Master Certified®
Enthusiast of history (templars.today)
Pragmatic enthusiast of renewable energy
email: sergej@strajnak.sk

About Me

After rain there is a rainbow, after a storm there is calm, after the night there is a morning and after an end there is a new beginning
I am working in IT area for more than 5 years (Current Position Test Lead)
In 2018 I developed and still updating an iOS application according to the Czecohslovakian fortifications between 1936-1938 (In cooperation with more than 100 museums in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus)
In 2019 I developed and still updating an iOS apllication according to the investment potential of Industrial Parks in Ukraine (Many Thanks to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine for Help and the Information)
In 2020 I will launch my biggest project and challenge to date, called "Templars.Today"

Languages, Skills & Trainings


  • German language - daily communication
  • English language - daily communication
  • Slovak language - mother language
  • Skills & Trainings

  • Customer firewall and IAN firewall overview and understanding
  • Solution Design (application architecture, object oriented programming in java)
  • Python 3.x fundamental
  • Linux Fundamental
  • iOS + Android JAVA + Robot Framework UDEMY courses
  • SQL + SQL Advance
  • SWIFT language + Xcode development environment

iOS / Swift


Certified Associate in Software Testing

Successfully certified in 2021, Expires 30.07.2024

Scrum Master Certified (SMC®)

Successfully certified in 2019

Certified DevOps Architect™

Successfully certified in 2019

Experience & Education

Ebcont, Wien, Austria
Test Automation cases with Python and Robot Framework according to Project of Ivoclar Vivadent
SARIO, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
I developed an iOS application about industrial potential and parks of Slovakia.
From July 2021 is my iOS application officialy under Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
PDI Software Slovakia
C# AND .NET Test Automation
T-Systems Slovakia
Backend SQL / PLSQL testing
Daily / weekly / bi-weekly tasks according to DWH mobile application (Solaris commands)
Managing Agile & Waterfall testing teams, Organising testers' technical work.
Demand coordination and distribution between testers & test designers
Communication with Developers
Designing test cases based on demand / Testing demands / test cases.
Creating a final report (letter of recommendations) following every release container.
Communication with Product Owner
InvestUkraine iOS / IndustrialParks iOS
Develop an iOS applications about investment potential of Ukraine and Slovakia
T-Systems Slovakia
X-Change in Bonn (September - November 2016)
Data Center Consolidation of (HR Cloud) SAP applications Transition project of German applications
T-Systems Slovakia
Administration of German applications (AIX/Solaris/Linux)
Admininstration of SQL database according to the applications
Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (Agency of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic)
Area of Foreign Direct Investment
Project coordination related to foreign direct investment
Conceptual, methodological and coordinating activities related to support of industrial parks in Slovak republic
Development of expertise in response to the concept of the establishment of industrial parks in Slovak republic
Slovak foreign trade support at a company level, demand from foreign companies
After Care (support for established foreign companies in eastern Slovakia, IT sector, automotive, machine industry, energy sector)
Communication with the foreign embassies of Slovak Republic (namely Belarus etc.)
Communication with the foreign chamber of commerce in Slovakia


Doctoral degree (Ph.D.,) in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, Wind Energy

My Publications

Articles about my Apps

My successful iOS project - Ceskoslovenske Opevnenia (Czechoslovakian fortifications) - best place 21st in Czech apple appstore in section travel. Project was created in cooperation with more than 100 museums in Czech republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Ceskoslovenske Opevnenia iOS

An Article about my iOS app by Mediar.cz

Ceskoslovenske Opevnenia Android

An Article about my android app by svetandroida

Ceskoslovenske Opevnenia iOS/Android

An Article about my iOS/android app by Fony.sk

Download my applications

Feel free to download my applicationns according to the investment potential of Ukraine

InvestUkraine iOS

iOS version of InvestUkraine

Ceskoslovenske Opevnenia iOS

iOS version of Czecohslovakian Fortifications